Continuing Education for Registered Massage Therapists

Positional Release Methods: Lower Body

You will learn several very effective, non-invasive techniques that seamlessly integrate into your massage practice. Extremely effective on troublesome muscles/issues; we will show you how to release with minimal pain and effort:  lumbar flexion and extension strains, psoas, QL, ribs, sacral & coccyx releases, paraspinals and more. Excellent for any clients, including those with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and athletic issues or injuries.


These methods will transform your practice!

· Types of positional release to be discussed in this workshop are: Induration, Functional technique, Fascial Stacking Sequence, Strain Counter Strain, Blocking

· Gentle, indirect techniques derived from osteopathic methodology

· Effectively used in combination with other techniques (fascial release, trigger point work, decreasing tone during a massage…)

· Instead of demanding change it “offers an opportunity for change”

· Works on the premise that if a restriction or barrier is eased, that the body’s natural tendency is to normalize

· It can positively affect change in soft tissues as well as joints

A detailed workbook with pictures is provided.