Continuing Education for Registered Massage Therapists

Positional Release Methods - Upper Body

You will learn several very effective, non-invasive techniques that seamlessly integrate into your massage practice.   Extremely effective on troublesome muscles; we will show you how to release with minimal pain and effort: upper trapezius, levator scapula, pectorals, infraspinatus, masseter, suboccipitals, paraspinals and more.  Excellent for any clients, including those with fibromyalgia, chronic pain and athletic issues or injury.

These methods will transform your practice! 



·         Types of positional release to be discussed in this workshop are:  Induration, Functional technique, Fascial Stacking Sequence, Strain Counter Strain, Blocking

·         Gentle, indirect techniques derived from osteopathic methodology

·         Effectively used in combination with other techniques (fascial release, trigger point work, decreasing tone during a massage…)

·         Instead of demanding change it “offers an opportunity for change”

·         Works on the premise that if a restriction or barrier is eased, that the body’s natural tendency is to normalize

·         It can positively affect change in soft tissues as well as joints

A detailed workbook with pictures is provided.